Museum & School

Museum and School

Offers for School Classes and Kindergarten Groups

The Museum provides school classes and kindergarten groups with an inspiring environment for learning and education. The encounter with extraordinary authentic works of art creates unforgettable experiences for children and opens up new worlds.

Children of all ages react open-mindedly and interested when they are confronted with works of art. During a visit in the Museum für Gegenwartskunst Siegen they are encouraged to discover the exhibitons within their guided group and on their own.

We offer several programs in combination with our exhibitions and the Collection. Each program guides you through the exhibitions and takes special account of the childrens' age. As a teacher you can, of course, also conduct your own guided tour.

Please announce your visit in any case to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Schulklasse vor Lucian Freud School class at a guided tour with Andrea Freiberg, looking at paintings of Lucian Freud.
Photo Thomas Kellner © Lucian Freud Estate
Schueler bei Dan Perjovschi Students at the exhibition "Visual tactics", in the room of Dan Perjovschi, Chalk Reality 2, 2010
Photo Thomas Kellner © Dan Perjovschi

Conditions for school classes

Admission fee as a school class: 1 Euro per student; 4.10 Euro per teacher; free admission with an annual school pass.

Annual School Pass
All schools have the opportunity of acquiring an annual school pass at a price of 130 Euro (75 Euro for elementary schools). With the annual school pass all students and teachers together as a class group receive free admission into the Museum. 

Extended Opening Hours
Upon request, the Museum may open at 10 a.m. for school visits.

Please announce your visit in any case to avoid scheduling conflicts.

To register, to discuss a theme proposal, or to receive general information please call 0271-40577-10 between 9.00 a.m. and 2.00 p.m., or contact us at any time at

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