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Takako Saito. You and Me


November 12 – February 18, 2018

Porträt Takako Saito Takako Saito, November 2017. Extra Do it Yourself Shop You + Me, 1994. Exhibition view MGK Siegen. Start diashow

Takako Saito (born in Sabae-Shi, Fukui Prefecture, Japan in 1929, has lived and worked primarily in Düsseldorf since 1978) became known internationally for objects, artist's books, performances and actions in the context of Fluxus.

Saito's interest lies with the objective, everyday world, which she supplements with artistic expresssion comprising interventions or  small actions.

Natural substances such as stones, shells, onion skins or chestnuts are her preferred materials alongside papers, plastics, foams or pieces of wood.

Among the works she has been producing since the 1960s, it is vital to highlight her carefully worked object boxes or the large number of free chess games, initially sold in the Fluxshop by George Maciunas. A playful approach is characteristic of many works by Saito. The artist is always searching for fresh variations beyond firmly established rules, and the viewers are involved as co-players and co-designers. In her You + Me Shops – shops similar to market stalls, whereby the artist interacts with the public as a saleswoman – as well as installations and books, Saito also opts for participation as a strategy.


The exhibition “Takako Saito. Me + You”  in the Museum für Gegenwartskunst is laid out as a retrospective and will show pieces from all her important phases of work.


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